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The Parliamentary Observatory on Climate Change and Just Transition (OPCC) is a cooperation network carried out jointly by parliamentary leaders from various countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, with the main purpose of building up a regional agenda on climate ambition and just transition. This platform developed by the OPCC constitutes a shared information tool on the state of parliamentary procedures related to environmental bills and proposals as well as environmental legislation in the region.


  • Gladys Gonzalez profile photo

    Gladys Gonzalez

    Senado de la Nación Argentina

  • Jaques Wagner profile photo

    Jaques Wagner

    Senado Federal do Brasil

  • Maximiliano_Ferraro

    Maximiliano Ferraro

    Cámara de Diputados de la Nación Argentina

  • Cecilia Requena Profile photo

    Cecilia Requena Zárate

    Senado del Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia

  • Foto Leila Barros - Senadora - Senado Federal de Brasil

    Leila Barros

    Senado Federal de la Repúbilca Federativa de Brasil

  • Ximena Órdenes profile photo

    Ximena Órdenes Neira

    Senado de la República de Chile

  • JUAN CARLOS LOZADA profile photo

    Juan Carlos Lozada

    Cámara de Representantes del Congreso de la República de Colombia

  • Curacao_Gwendell_Mercelina profile photo

    Gwendell Mercelina

    Parliament of Curaçao

  • Washington-Varela

    Washington Varela Salazar

    Asamblea Nacional de Ecuador

  • Samuel Pérez

    Samuel Pérez Alvarez

    Congreso de la República de Guatemala

  • Raúl Bolaños-Cachos

    Raúl Bolaños-Cachos Cue

    Senado de la República de México

  • Veronica_Dorsette

    Veronica Dorsette-Hector

    Montserrat Legislative Assembly

  • Foto Gabriel Silva - Diputado - Asamblea Nacional de Panamá

    Gabriel Silva

    Asamblea Nacional de Panamá

  • Otris_Chuck_Morris

    Otis Chuck Morris

    Ministry of Home Affairs, Transportation, Broadcasting, Energy, Utilities and Telecommunications

  • Juan_Federico_Ruiz

    Juan Federico Ruiz

    Cámara de Representantes de Uruguay


Legislative Tracker

The OPCC data platform is a transparent and for free instrument that provides a new way of seeing the legislative activity of countries in LAC, presenting indicators through a strong visual approach, with interactive graphs, action panels and comparable data in dashboard format. The platform is innovative not only for identifying and classifying data on environmental laws and decrees (current or repealed), but also for collecting data on environmental bills in progress in recent years in various LAC countries. The data is constantly updated to offer complete and reliable information to the user. For this reason, the free and creative use of available resources and tools is encouraged, which were designed to enable and facilitate broad and in-depth analysis of legislative activities in climate and just transition in LAC. In this sense, the expectation is that the OPCC data platform is a useful tool that highlights progress, opportunities for collaboration, and ways to advance on these issues in the region.

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Joint Statament - Global call for a pact for a new model of green, sustainable, inclusive and just development

Participating parliamentarians and supporters of the OPCC presented a joint statement during COP28, which launches a global call for a pact for a new model of green, sustainable, inclusive and just development and establishes the commitment to develop ambitious and comprehensive plans for ecological and just transition, in order to contribute to protecting the environment and tackling the climate emergency, while promoting socioeconomic development and people's well-being.